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1). Who are LIC (International) BSC (c) Is the company related to LIC of India?

LIC (International) was originally established in Bahrain in 1989 by LIC of India, a Government of India Corporation, to cater for the needs of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) resident in the six GCC countries and elsewhere. The LIC Chairman is common to both companies.

2). What type policies does LIC (International) sell?

The policies are in general very similar to those sold by LIC of India, but because of the 'offshore' status of the company, the policies are free of all taxes. Also, because the currencies in the GCC are pegged to the US Dollar, all the LIC (International) policies are also denominated and invested in US Dollars. Claims are settled in the currency of choice of the beneficiary.

3). Is LIC (International) financially secure?

Yes, extremely secure. The company is rated B++ (Good) by A M Best [] the credit rating agency which specializes in the rating of Insurance Companies. The chief actuary of LIC of India is also the chief actuary of LIC (International) and runs the finances of both companies in a very prudent manner.

4). Why do I need life insurance, a savings plan or a pension?

Virtually every working NRI or other expatriate has one or more people relying upon them for their income, and these dependents normally need the security that an insurance policy can provide. In addition, we all need to accumulate savings for children's school fees, our old age and similar. Careful planning and disciplined saving using suitable policies can help all of us meet these different needs.

5). Can other nationalities buy an LIC (International) policy?

Yes, under UAE law any nationality can buy the policies. Other than NRIs, the policies are most likely to be suitable for people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, or alternatively anyone who wants to buy a policy denominated in US Dollars.

6). Where is the office of LIC (International) in the UAE and what does it do?

The Branch Office is in Dubai, and provides a full service for all policy holders. This includes collection of premiums, issuing of policies, payment of maturity claims, payment of death claims and similar. In addition, the Chief Agents for LIC (International) in the UAE, Kingstar Insurance Agencies, have their own Branch Office in Abu Dhabi. For full details or to contact us, please click here

7). Where can I pay my premium?

In any Branch of LIC (International) or Kingstar Insurance Agencies, or alternatively any Branch of the National Bank of Dubai. In addition, the premiums can be paid through the LIC (International) Chief Agents in the five other GCC countries, or by bank draft or TT from anywhere in the world. For full details on all premium payments, please click here

8). What happens to my policy if I move back to India?

Any LIC (International) policyholder, Indian or otherwise, can maintain their policy and pay their premiums from anywhere in the world. NRI policyholder however, on returning to live in India, can if they choose, transfer their policy to one of LIC of India's 2048 branches in India and convert it into the equivalent rupee denominated policy. Any transfer of an LIC (International) policy to a rupee based policy in India will be subject to the standard terms and conditions.

9). What are the timings?

The timings are from Sunday to Thursday between 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

10). How quickly would a claim be paid?

Any claim paid by LIC (International), of whatever type, will be paid immediately on satisfactory completion of all the documentation which the company will require. The payment of the claim will come from either the UAE or Bahrain, and can be paid anywhere in the world in any of the major currencies.